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DEFINITIONS: PiloNidal Sinus Is a Condition Found in The Natal Cleft Over Lying TailBone. (Coccyx) Consisting of one or more midline openings which communicate with fibrous track containing hair loosely within the lumen.

MODE OF ORIGIN: On sitting posture, buttocks take the weight of the body and move independently or together. Hair broken off by friction against clothing shed short hairs tend to collect in natal cleft. Shearing action of buttocks, which is increased by sitting on hard seat. loose hairs travel down the intergluteal area to penetrate the skin.

SYMPTOMS: Men affected more
Hairy men is more affected.

  • Pain, swelling,
  • Repeated abscess in the natel cleft
  • Multiple sinus opening in the natel cleft.
  • Multiple sinus are present in the midline tail bone.

MEDICAL TREATMENT: simple pilonidal sinus treatment is cleaning, washing, removing all Hairs and tracts.


  1. Abscess drainage, thorough removal of granulation tissue.
  2. laying opening of the tract.
  3. excisions of all tracks.

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